If you could have all
the lesson planners you need
for each of your children

for all 12 years of their
education careers,
ready and handy for less
than the cost of
2 regular one year books,

You'd be interested, wouldn't you?

And what you also got over 160 forms to help your homeschool needs from organizing, recordkeeping, science labs, unit studies, high school transcripts, planning, and so much more?

The Master Planner is JUST the Planner System
You've been looking for...

If you could also have easy to use, professionally designed forms for

science projects,
reading lists,

high school transcripts,

report cards,

unit study planning,

nature journaling,

sports and achievement certificates

and much more, included for FREE,
that would be a good value for your family, wouldn't it?
And what if you could change your mind on your educational style
whenever you wanted and this planner would keep up with your needs?

You'd be interested, wouldn't you?

Dear Homeschooling Parent,

My name is Sherri Chekal, and I am a home school mom with two daughters. We began homeschooling 10 years ago when my special needs daughter was having difficulties adjusting in kindergarten. I knew, then, that she needed to be home, in the loving circle of her family, where she could learn and progress at her own pace. As a parent of an autistic child, I knew in my heart that I had made the right decision and she has flourished.

I could hardly leave my older daughter in school and we began our journey together. It's not been easy and recently we've had to go it alone when divorce entered our family. However, I'm still totally convinced that homeschooling is the best option for giving my daughters a great start in life.

When we first got started homeschooling, the need for a good way to stay on track was a real problem!

I started to look for that perfect planner to help me get a little more organized and I bought eight of them!!! Each had it's strong points, however, each was lacking in areas that I felt were very important. I just had to make my own! I am a college educated, graphic designer with twenty years of newsletters, forms and other printed graphics under my belt, I knew that I could do this. My fifteen forms grew into over one hundred and fifty in no time! All my friends wanted it...and the Master Planner, Homeschool Forms on CD, was born.

I hope that you will find all the information you need about this great product, here on this website. Be sure to download the free forms to try out, I'm sure you'll find them worthy. Please feel free to email me with any questions or comments! I hope that the Master Planner will suit the needs of your family as it helps me to take care of my own!

With blessings,


My Email Address is:

Are you tired of Homeschool Record Keeping Systems
that don't meet ALL your needs? 
How many lesson books have you bought and
stopped using after awhile?
Have you ever changed your mind when an educational style
didn't suit your children's need?

The Master Planner is just the thing
you've been searching for to make

your homeschool record keeping needs SIMPLE!


Click HERE to download our FREE 36 Page Master Planner Sampler
with Free Forms to Try out!

This is highly recommended economical and valuable resource for any homeschool family.

--Product Review by: Dawn King, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine.

One of the most unique qualities of the Master Planner

is that you can custom design

just the planner you want and need.

If your family loves unit studies, then we have many forms that you can copy and print for your needs.
If you are more into packaged curriculum, there are plenty of forms to help you along.
We meet the needs of ALL home education styles, even help with family needs!

You can keep records in a binder, or together on a clipboard or copy a group and take them to a copy shop to be spiral bound.
You can create a book for each child, or place them all together, whether you have one child or twelve!

If you have a teen working on their high school transcripts, we have lots of very useful forms to help track hours of instruction,
course descriptions, grades and four year planning.

There are forms to help you manage your home as well. No need to buy a duplicate book or educational CD when you know
at a glance what materials are in your library. You can keep track of materials ordered, correspondence mailed,
and have monthly or quarterly progress reports on your children.

This is the beauty of this collection.

You select JUST what you want, now, next month,

and for the years to come.


The download is so easy, and it's ready NOW, when I wanted it.
No need to order and wait for a book to show up.
And then to get all the forms... I use this all the time,
if I need a form for schooling... it's in there!!!
- Diane B., Alexandria, VA

If your toddler spills juice over a page, you can print it out again and go on with your day. With pre-printed planners, you're stuck living with that page for the rest of the year. If you change your style through the year to suit a challenge, you can easily do so, just print out the pages you need and you're off.

(We know that homeschool moms NEVER change
educational plans from the first of the year, right?)

I know that I could easily charge more, but I don't want to. I want this planner out in the hands of everyone, so that you can have your forms and planning, and still have more time to spend with your children. That is the real reason we are doing this! I hope that you will enjoy and love this system. If you are not satisfied in any way with this product, you can return it and I will refund your money. I know that you will love this product, especially if you've been disappointed in the past with other less professionally produced planners for the home education market.

I appreciate the time you have taken from your busy schedule to look at my creation! Please feel free to look around at our website and learn more or contact me. I know that you will be pleased!

Over 200 forms in the printed Master Planner Package!

  Click HERE to download our FREE 36 Page Master Planner Sampler
with Free Forms to Try out!

With the Master Planner you can...

Print and Bind in a spiral comb from a print shop
Copy and Place in a 3 ring binder
Print and Store in plastic sleeves
Print and Clip to a clip board
Copy and laminate to be marked over and over
Make individual books for each of your children
Create a master book for all of your children
Make separate books for your educational planning & family resources.
Decorate the book just the way you and the kids want!
The List is ENDLESS!

The Possibilities are never ending.

Over 160 forms ready for you to use in your homeschool!

This CD is SO COOL! Everything is here! I just print out
what I need, nothing to keep track of but one little CD
and I have enough record keeping forms for everything,
for years and it's SO cheap! This is exactly what I've been looking for! THANK YOU!
- Marie K., Denver, CO

You are probably thinking that the cost for so many great forms
is going to be a little high.
After all, a one year planner usually costs between $8 - $12 dollars.
So for 12 years of planners, not to mention all the other forms,
you might expect something like $100 or more. Perhaps $75 or $80?
Sorry, Only $12.00, Shipped FREE in the USA.

That's right. $12.00

But, wait... it's on sale now as a download!!!

For only $6... Yep! $6.00 for years worth of planning!


Click Here to Order Now.



For about the cost of ONE planning book
that doesn't really meet your needs as well as you'd like,
you can get the dream lesson planner you've always wanted.
I have lowered the price
so that everyone can take advantage of these great forms.

I know you will find them valuable in your home education needs.

I want all parents to be able to use these forms and help organize and simplify
their efforts so that they can concentrate on their children!

I know that homeschool families often work on just one income to get their children educated at home.
Some are single parents, like myself, and it's a real struggle to balance a budget and keep homeschooling.
Even if money is not a concern, I still want you to spend that money on great stuff for your kids,
to enrich their lives. I know that at $12.00, the Master Planner is very affordable for all families
and the sales of these CDs help to keep my homeschooling dreams a reality.
The Master Planner has a money back guarantee.
Either you LOVE it, or return it for a full refund.
How many software companies can offer you that?
There is no risk. Just a great set of forms, ready for you to print and make the custom lesson planner
of your dreams. Forms for all aspects of your homeschooling day! Simple, neat and tidy, ready for years of use.
Won't you give me a chance to show you,
how much you will begin to count on this remarkable product?

Click Here to Order Now.

Click HERE to download our FREE 36 Page Master Planner Sampler
with Free Forms to Try out!

If you're still not quite sure, please take some time to look around the site, download the free forms and consider your purchase. Please email me if you have any questions, or if you just want to chat about your own homeschooling experiences, especially if you have a special needs child or are struggling with single parent life. I always love to talk about the challenges and blessings that have come to us. My Email is: Sherri@chekal.com.
Thank you for your time and interest,

Click HERE to see the free forms and examples of the pages!

Click HERE to download our FREE 36 Page Master Planner Sampler
with Free Forms to Try out!

The Master Planner is Copyright © 2002 by Sherri Chekal - All Rights Reserved.